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Welcome to the Meet the Tech! This is a monthly interview of one of the Techs who work for Susquehanna Door Service. It is our hope that through this series you’ll get to know the Technicians who will be installing, maintaining, or fixing the issues you are experiencing with your doors. This month we sat down with our Technician Chaz Lahouchuc.

Susquehanna Door Service (SDS): Welcome, we wanted to let our Customers have a chance to learn more about the Technicians who work for us! Just so you are aware we will be asking you a series of questions. They are work related and non-work related question. So to begin, What are your Primary Job responsibilities with the company?

Chaz: Well, my responsibilities include repairing doors that are not working properly. Due to failing hardware, or just not working because of the hardware in or on the door being broken. I also do Planned Maintenance checks on doors that our customers have under contract. Finally I also go out on surveys for our customers who want to replace an aging door, to have a new door installed in a brand new opening, or to survey a door that our customer wants to automate.

SDS: What is the best part of your job?

Chaz: Well there are a lot things I like doing with my job but there are two things that really stand out for me. The first is figuring out a difficult problem on my own. What I mean by that is that if I’ve been struggling at making the door work the way it should be, but then finally something clicks. I try it out and the door works. That is a really good feeling.

The other thing is taking pride in what I’ve done. To look at the job I did and to say to myself “I did that and it is correct”. I take a lot pride that I did the job well!

SDS: How long have you been with the company and what did you do before you started working here?

Chaz: Jeez, it feels like a long time… Just kidding I have been with the company for a little over three years. Before that I was an Electrician.

SDS: With your previous work experience, do you feel the skills you’ve learned there have helped you with your job today?

Chaz: Oh definitely it has. I learned techniques for trouble shooting, as well as reading schematics. That has proven very helpful, as some of the technical documents we use are setup in that manner.

SDS: Tell me a funny or interesting story about an experience that you’ve had while working for Susquehanna Door Service?

Chaz: Well there are so many, some are work appropriate while others are not quite so work friendly… But perhaps the story I like the most, happens to me the most. Whenever I go on a job I have to setup my tools and my ladder. Sometimes I am blocking people from easily getting in to the business. Most times people don’t say anything and just go around. Sometimes I get dirty looks. Other times people will come up and say “Is the door broke?”. Which makes me chuckle a little bit, but I explain that I am here to fix it.

SDS: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Chaz: That would be from Steve, a fellow technician, but he said “Automatic Doors are Automatic Doors are Automatic Doors.”

SDS: Can you explain what you mean by that?

Chaz: When you’re working on Automatic Doors, they are basically the same. Each Door has hardware to make the doors open. They will also all have safety equipment. While the internal and external parts are different, as there are many door manufactures, the job each part does is roughly the same. At that point it is up to me to identify what does what and how can I fix it.

SDS: Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do outside of work?

Chaz: When I am not working I try and spend as much time as possible with my family. When I am not doing that I spend time boating or fishing out on the river. My family has a little piece of land that’s near the river. So that makes boating and fishing a lot easier. Other than that, I have a Yellow Lab named Layla. I like to play with her, but sometimes she get so excited that in the process of trying to get her to do a trick she will do all of them at once. Which you just have to shake your head at because she wanted to be an overachiever this time.


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